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Greetings and welcome! You’re no doubt here to catch up on what’s going on with me – just check out the recent posts to the left. If this is your first time here, sit on down and i’ll tell you what I know.

In September 2015 I had my first colonoscopy and “a fungating partially obstructing large mass was found in the distal sigmoid colon. The mass was circumferential. The mass measured 5cm in length…This was biopsied with a cold forceps for histology.”

This mass was found to be cancerous. Further CT scans verified that the cancer had spread to my liver, defining this as a Stage 4 cancer.

This blog is my attempt to chronicle my experiences with dealing with this unexpected turn of events, and to raise awareness about the importance of scheduling colonoscopies before the recommended age of 50, if you happen to have a family history of colon cancer or polyps. Please learn as much as you can about your family medical history and get this procedure done. Trust me, you don’t want to wake up afterwards and get the sort of news  I got.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy my blog!

Kicking cancer's ass in a cold-blooded fashion.