July ’17 Update

First off, apologies for the strange edits floating around from the last post; I now realize I need to proofread and edit my posts BEFORE initially publishing. I had changed my mind about what I wanted to say after I published last time and it made for some strange reading.

I had my first phase of Theraspheres (again) last week, everything went well. Though I dislike starting so late in the morning (10:30am) because I have to stay away from eating and drinking anything until the procedure was over, which makes for a very hungry patient by the time I’m allowed to eat. In my surgeon’s defense, this year’s series of procedures are going a lot quicker than last year’s, with my time spent under mild anesthesia only being about 40 minutes for the first insertion of radioactive beads, as opposed to about 2 hours last year, i think.

I had a follow-up consult this afternoon, and my PA was very optimistic about my progress – she asserted, that of all her patients, I was faring the best with my treatments. (I like to be at the head of the class, it’s a position I strove for but rarely achieved growing up.) I let her know – and I’m paraphrasing here – I felt I had the upper hand and that I was curb-stomping the cancer down like a little bitch, and she shared my optimism based on her clinical experience.

It’s only a matter of time, folks, and that’s something I am blessed to have based on my age. I just need to start doing the legwork involved with researching what I need to do to keep it away. If there’s one thing I’m a little anxious about, it’s a recurrence; I’ve noticed that if it manages to come back, cancer seems to be more vicious the second time around. We don’t want that, no way. So I need to start reading. I already possess a large volume to read, but if anyone has other good information I should read, feel free to send it my way. Together we’ll find out what is the key to keeping my cancer away for good, once it’s gone.

This time away from the chemotherapy has softened my killer instinct, as my hair grows back and my skin clears itself from the acne; I’m enjoying the healing I experience the weeks following the last chemo treatment. With radiotherapy, there’s little in the way of side effects. I did have a few hours of fatigue after last week’s procedure but it was nothing 2 tylenol couldn’t take care of. I’m seriously considering asking for more time without chemo after this last Therasphere insertion into my left lobe of my liver in a couple weeks, if I can get to a non-chemo protocol that also shrinks tumors. Again, I need to do some research to figure that out.

Thank you for being here with me after all these months. I’m slowly getting better, and I only want to take steps forward, no more regression. I get a sense, judging by the speed at which I’ve been scheduled for these procedures, that my oncologist sees opportunities where we might be able to completely eradicate my illness soon. As long as I continue to receive your healing energy and prayers, it’s a forgone conclusion we will emerge triumphant. I got this shit right where we want it, and I gain strength every day to continue beating it.

Never give up, never let go.

8 thoughts on “July ’17 Update”

  1. Awesome news and attitude Eric! YOU are in control of your spirit and mind set = all that positive energy you are feeding into your body
    is showing the cancer who is boss. Always sending more love and prayers your way, Jo

  2. This is great news! I love the mental image of having the cancer down for the count, and stomping on it. Is it odd that I have the Nancy Sinatra song running through my head? “These boots are made for walking (stomping) . . . ” So glad your doctors are feeling so positive. Sending healing energy your way!

  3. Loving the positive. Love hearing you feel better as these last side effects diminish. A friend of mine was recently telling me about her aunt who has been fighting a stage 4 metistatic malignancy for years. They were shocked by her latest scan which revealed complete absence of visible tumors! I will pick her brain for more info. Love you bro!!!

  4. Yay for the update ! Had been wondering how things were progressing but also been too busy with my move to try to chase you down. Happy to hear that team Eric Strong is winning the gold, we can do it ! I have something for you to read here : https://goo.gl/Lx7UpA Remembering how much reading it with you all those years ago when I was going through a bit of an existential struggle and how much strength I found when we arrived… Who is to say if it came from the book or you or the two of us simply spending time together ? Hard to say man, but know that I love you.

  5. Eric, I love the continuing amount of positivity you emit !! And, I love what I’m hearing in this post. It’s working for you!! I love that about you!

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