Switching therapies

Here’s the summary from last week’s CT scan :


  1. Stable to slightly decreased multiple hepatic metastasis.
  2. Previously identified sigmoid malignant mass remains less conspicuous.
  3. Stable appearance of probable gallbladder metastasis and the gastrohepatic lymphadenopathy. Gallbladder ultrasound can be used for further characterization of gallbladder findings.
  4. No significant free fluid, decreased from prior examination.

Basically – if you don’t feel like googling – the tumors are shrinking more though not as much as when my chemo load was heavier. Colon tumor is being a good dog. Staaaaaay. Bit of something on the gallbladder, but whaddya gonna do. I’ll knock that one down too.

I hope I’m always this pleased to be reading these scans. So I took that news into the Memorial Day weekend, spending some much-needed time at the beach with good friends. I burnt my feet and toes but I could only feel part of them, so that’s a plus.

And the acne is back on the face, because they switched my one bag of chemo once more, back to good ole Vectibix. I guess I’ve been on basically on ‘maintenance chemo’ since they knocked me down to one bag a visit, which has been at least late-April, I believe. While my oncologist would be worried if this was the only progress from taking my full-on 2015’s style chemo load, my small progress was due to something, perhaps the weak chemo, perhaps something else. I was comparing this scan to my first one and the largest tumors I have now are smaller than the smallest ones measured on the first scan.

At any rate, tomorrow morning I go in for the first procedure, the mapping of hepatic blood flow. Wait till they get a load of my angular blood vessels!

Thank you all for your energy, it’s keeping my feet moving from that block of chemo. I was bushed after that, hopefully I can stand up to that ‘maintenance chemo’ a little better for a while longer. But for now, I’ll glow in the dark like an Yttrium-90-laced firefly in the summer night. I love you all, ecstatic you’re here with me.

“We are the big animal now, shaking the life out of the smaller animal, and he must be given no rest, no chance to recover.”
– Winston Churchill

14 thoughts on “Switching therapies”

  1. That sounds like a great report Eric! I like – the biggest ones now are smaller then the smallest ones before- part the best!!! Woot woot!!

  2. Wonderful news! I will be thinking about the tumors shrinking more and more everyday! Sending all my love and positive vibes your way.

  3. Hoping all goes well with the mapping today! I’ll be holding good thoughts for you that it is not as uncomfortable/difficult as the last time–at least this time you know you have angular blood vessels so there isn’t the same element of surprise. So amazing to read that the largest remaining now are smaller than the smallest when you were first diagnosed! Here’s to that trend continuing. Sending lots of positive energy your way!

  4. Reading your report about the same time that they are lighting you up with radiation! Hope this one helps turn the tide for you and gets you to a remission state! Thinking of you, Chris and the kids at thus very moment! Stay strong.

  5. Eric, Your commitment to a positive attitude and approach I’m convinced is playing a huge role in this process and achieving positive results.
    In the words of the Dalai Lama,
    “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” <3

  6. Eric, thanks for the update. I was just asking Cassie about your status. We both admire your irrepressible passion for life and send you all the love and life force energy we can muster!
    Can you feel it? Jo

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