Progress Report: Part 1

A short post this time — my CT scan has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, I’ll get to know the analysis next Tuesday when I go into infusion #5.

Today I bounced out of bed early (for me) and had an incredible day, energy-wise. I’ve not had this much pep for a long while, and being at the midway point between my 4th and 5th infusion, it’s quite puzzling. A big ole bunch of folks must have been thinking of me today, that’s the only explanation. Was it you? Bless you for the extra bump! I feel like I’ve been hovering about 3 inches off the floor all day.

My brother Billy and his family are visiting starting this weekend, hopefully I can get someone to join me at the clinic when I find out about my scan. Because the way I feel, I won’t be surprised if I see progress.

I’ll be back early next week when I can relay results and we’ll see where I’m at with my lovely tumors! Until then, enjoy the emerging springtime, and all of the lovely pollen that coats everything here in NC. Love to all! Lovely lovely lovely!

8 thoughts on “Progress Report: Part 1”

  1. You can count on as many of us as you want to join you! We can’t wait to see you guys and can’t wait to celebrate the good news on Tuesday!

  2. You will be in our thoughts and prayers today. Can’t wait to hear the good news Tuesday! The Flynn’s love you Eric

  3. Eric, a great report. Be careful about letting your feet float any more than 6″ off the floor … it could be dangerous. BTW I am still wearing my blue ERIC STRONG wrist ban that Christian gave to me months ago. It has never come off my wrist. I know it’s helping. LOVE Bob (and Millie)

  4. Lots of thoughts (and hopefully) energy coming from the Kingman’s. Looking forward to great news on Tuesday! Enjoy the family. Marci and Paul

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