I look 51 and seven-eighths

It was my off-week from chemo this week but I still felt fuzzy until Tuesday night when I saw the video at the end of this post. Since then, I’ve been enjoying loads of energy — 100% here. I’m sure most will not watch this one if they didn’t watch the other video I posted before but I will tell you it got me going again, so it must be good for something. So embrace it for what it is, and participate in the experience, or just take my word for it. The video has hyenas and a Lady Gaga look-alike, so it can’t be that bad.

the energy comes at a good time, as I’ll be working from Nashville next week at my company’s annual tradeshow. We have Martha Stewart there, as well as Scott Galloway. I’m a fanboy and i hope i get close enough to him to lick his bald head next week.

Speaking of bald heads, my chemo regimen continues to wreak havoc. Every time I run my hands thru my hair I get a shower of hair leaving the premises. It’s a horror show when I wash my hair. I’m actually surprised I have any left, but it won’t be long when I’m not surprised. I realize that I should not be complaining, especially to the male members in my family and Scott Galloway, but my point is obviously that when something you perceive as being normal is suddenly not, it is disturbing when it happens.

And the acne… it popped up during my first infusion back in late January, and it’s lingered ever since. We’re over a month and every time I get another dose of chemo I’m going to get another faceful of the stuff. I keep reminding myself, it’s just temporary. But everything is temporary when you think about it.

See you next week, I’m off to eat Hattie B’s hot chicken in Nashville.

Eh Fatty Boom Boom
Hit me with the Ching-ching
Not fokken thinking, dolla eye twinkling
Just a bit of junkie
Let’s not get too funky
Oh oh oo oh

6 thoughts on “I look 51 and seven-eighths”

  1. Eric, sending you love and support from FL
    (On mission build). I’d send you extra hair but mine is thinning too – and not temporarily .
    Enjoy the trade show in Nashville – hope you get close to Scott Galloway. Jo

  2. Ok, the video went over my head, but whatever makes you smile is the BOMB. On the other hand, I have been experiencing acne as a premenopausal woman, which is no fun at all, so I can relate. Mine’s not as bad, but, yeah, it still sucks. Keeping you in our thoughts, my friend.

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