Post-op Status

Just a quick note to follow up on my last radioembolization treatment on Monday. As I should have expected, each time I go in for these, things gets easier and easier. While the procedure itself went a little longer (2 hrs on the table), the overall process went very smoothly and I almost would say I enjoyed it this time… too bad I’m done with the treatment.

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked from home, expecting to get those flu-like symptoms and fatigue. On Tuesday my co-workers surprised me by sending me 8 bags of groceries from the supermarket.

Because of my naturally unassuming personality, combined with how I feel about my own health and staying positive about it, I usually feel undeserving of such gifts and when it happens, I get broadsided with a feeling of gratitude that overwhelms me. It happened when Deanna, my sister-in-law, produced ERIC STRONG bracelets to show support for me. I have a hard time processing such things and it moves me every time I think about it. Don’t get me wrong: I know my own strength and there’s no lack of self-confidence in my heart. But one of my long-standing credos is to live without expectation of others (it frees me from most disappointments). So to get gifts like these are totally unexpected to me and it hits me hard — I have to be alone, I use a bunch of tissues, I’m a mess, etc.

At any rate, after I received the groceries the same phenomenon happened to my side effects as when my college friends came to visit me around Thanksgiving: they never showed up. No fatigue, no flu-like symptoms, nothing. I had to check my doctor’s notes to make sure they actually recorded inserting the Theraspheres into the left lobe of my liver. My body handled the radioactive sand they injected into me and kept moving without slowing down. It takes a lot more to stop me… like 8 bags of groceries or plastic wristbands.

So now we wait and enjoy the fall weather while the microscopic beads do their work, and the tumors shrink before I get scanned again to gauge progress. I’ll be back when I hear more. Until then, no more treatments for the time being, and no more sweating like a pig during my walks. I love Autumn!

9 thoughts on “Post-op Status”

  1. Eric, I have only met you in person a few times, but through your blogs here I have seen a window into your beautiful soul . The big ‘C’ has NOTHING on you – not even close!! You are an inspiration on how to live life – with or without cancer. I was crying when I read this blog because you hit the essence of loving life and your family. Thank you and continue to be
    ‘Eric Strong’!! Jo

  2. So great that this second session went so well. Bob and I are thinking of you and pray that the results will be good news also. Keep on walking……….. See you soon.

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