Hold up

More delays.

“The computer we use to perform segmentation on MRI data sets is down. It is not under contract, so it may be about a week before it is fixed. I can give you abbreviated liver volumes Monday or, if the patient’s treatment permits, the full volumetrics once the computer is fixed.”

My doc wants to wait until things are fixed before we proceed, which I agree with — no need to guesstimate how much radioactivity my liver can take, right? So now we gotta wait till someone fixes a laptop before I get a start date.

I can’t catch a break with this procedure. Feels like I’m never gonna get treated sometimes.


6 thoughts on “Hold up”

  1. Dang! Sorry about the delay, but, my Grandma used to tell me that “Patience is rewarded”, and she was never wrong! It’s surely a disappointment for you, but she also said, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. The week will whiz by and you will be “back in the saddle again”. Am I channeling my Grandma? ? Love you!

  2. So sorry about the delay! I know you are feeling disappointed but apparently there is a ‘time for everything’. Hang tough dude !

  3. Well, it is a high tech world we live in! As you say, better to wait until they know how much radioactivity they put in you! Don’t want you setting off alarms or glowing too brightly!

  4. Hang in there, hon. I see this as even more time to get stronger and ready for the next step. I’m glad you are keeping everyone up to date. We will let you all know when we get the green light! Thank you to all of you for your continued support and prayers!

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