Stage 1 Complete

chemo-certFirst stage is finally over: 6 months to the day when I was told I had this crap.

12 rounds of Chemo completed, about 5 gallons of chemo consumed altogether. A combined 24 days of having a small pump strapped to my waist.

Next phase: a brief (6-week) period of healing, and we’ll see what the MRI scan has to say about things on the 19th… so it might be a while before you hear from me again, as I make every effort to be outside, enjoying the Spring, and repairing myself.

Brother Billy and family will be here from Chicago tomorrow to kick off the next part of my journey; wonderful pork and smoke-related projects are in store.

All of the healing powers i can get are needed now that the chemo is absent; i’m not taking a break from the war, it’s going to step up now.

Be good to yourselves and to your loved ones; please get out for a walk when you can. See you here in about a month with updates. Stay Strong, it’s a beautiful time of year!

6 thoughts on “Stage 1 Complete”

  1. So glad your family is in town. This side of your family is there in spirit and we are sending all our love and all our healing spirit. Enjoy the spring, we will be here when you need is for the rest of our healing journey. Xoxo

  2. Bob & I are so happy you have gotten such positive news. So glad that you will now be able to take a break & breath for a change. Enjoy the spring! Brew some beer. So glad you are doing the posts.
    Love you!
    Millie & Bob

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