I love springtime

I had a post queued up for my 11th chemo treatment yesterday and I just couldn’t post it, it had too much negativity in it. On the contrary, I’m feeling abnormally strong today and it’s because good friends are visiting this weekend; I always get extra energy from that.

Added to this, my visit with my oncologist over my recent CT scan was all positive and he reassured me the stuff i was worried about is from the extra chemo treatment so they shouldn’t be issues.

Also added to this, my chemo load came down to about half what I was expecting, so my side-effects are much reduced, also in part because it appears Springtime is on its way, it’s been in the low 70s for a few days now and among other things, my fingers are less cold-sensitive now which is a relief. Overall I haven’t felt this normal in a while… and I still have my chemo pump on!

Couple of things I can report on now that I’ve seen my actual CT scan:

  • the tumor that was sitting on my blood vessel going thru my liver has not only shrunk and calcified, but has moved away from the artery (or vein, not sure which).  Which means I probably can get at least some of my left half of my liver back, instead of lopping the whole thing off.
  • I’ve been told there will be no chemo after surgery, which will happen in mid-May.

Planning on keeping the high energy humming around here as things wake up from winter. Thank you for your prayers and positive energy today. I’m seeing the end game now and am excited about it, hope you are too.

9 thoughts on “I love springtime”

  1. Best news ever Eric!! slow and steady and strong wins the race and it’s all making the difference. Your positive attitude and strength throughout has been so fundamental for you and your family (honestly, you continue to inspire me to make a difference and find my own strength everyday). Beers soon. xoxo

  2. Eric, this is GREAT news!!! You have so much strength and your positive energy lifts those around you!!! You are beating this thing like a true champion. You got this bro. Brother Brad

  3. Eric, this is the best post ever…..really, really the best! Have a great, well deserved, fun visit with some truely special friends!!!

  4. We just got back from our trip Monday & So happy to get this great report. Fantastic news. Love the positive reports. They always give us a boost too. Love you!

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