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“Friends seen and unseen, to you that are riding along in your automobile, to you that are sitting at your table I greet you with the holy word PEACE. For in my infinite mind I thinks constructively; for your minds are my mind and my mind is your mind and i’m sending out my Christ mind to you, you and you. And I’m able to draw whatsoever I want into my immediate surrounding.

“But I’m saying to you right now, let the spirit in me be in you, yes on last night the spirit told me to tell you, the spirit told me to tell you to say these words: I am what I am. Now repeat this behind me: I am what I am. And that’s all I am, and I am It. It makes no difference who you are, or what you’re doing, what you’re trying to do or want to do, repeat these words: I am what I am, and that is all I am, is what I am. Look, that’s all I am, is what I am. And I am IT….

“You got to remain to being yourself, you can not be nobody else, in any use, or trying to being no whirlwind, and jumping here and playing checkers your own life, that ain’t gonna work, baby. Now repeat these words behind me: I am what I am. Now that’s all you are. You are what you believe you are…”

— Prophet Omega

Got a new CT scan on Monday, already got the report back. I don’t speak Doctor so some of this is gibberish but I intend to get my oncologist to explain it to me when I see him next Wednesday.

Here’s what it says, with my comments:

CT Chest with IV Contrast
CT Abdomen and Pelvis with IV Contrast

Comparison: 12/8/2015

Indication: C18.9 Malignant neoplasm of colon, unspecified, staging

Technique: CT imaging was performed of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis following the uncomplicated administration of intravenous contrast (Isovue-300, 150 mL at 3 mL/sec). Iodinated contrast was used due to the indications for the examination, to improve disease detection and to further define anatomy. The most recent serum creatinine is 0.8 mg/dL.
3-D maximal intensity projection (MIP) reconstructions of the chest were performed to potentially increase study sensitivity. Coronal images were also generated and reviewed.

There is a right chest wall port with the tip noted in the right atrium. The central right IJ is narrowed (series 4, image 13). There is a standard 4 vessel arch. The thoracic aorta, main pulmonary artery, and heart are normal in size. There is no pericardial effusion. There is no hiatal hernia.

There is no adenopathy within the thorax.

The previously seen pulmonary embolus is not identified although the exam was not tailored to evaluate the pulmonary vasculature.

There is no endobronchial lesion. As noted on the prior there are several tiny nodules noted along the right minor fissure. A tiny calcified nodule within the right lower lobe is unchanged. There is no malignant effusion.

Nice to see the blood clots have gone away in the lungs. Tiny nodules? In my lungs? Didn’t know those existed before. Wonder if they’ll address that during the surgery.

Abdomen and pelvis:
The liver has multifocal lesions most of which are calcified the overall size and distribution of the lesions is unchanged subcentimeter lesion on the border of hepatic segment 8/7 which is less conspicuous. Some of the lesions also appear to be subcapsular. One of the dominant lesions within hepatic segment 2 measures 2.5 x 4.5 cm, previously 3.3 x 5.9 cm (series 4, image 54). A lesion along the capsule of hepatic segment 6 (series 4, image 65) is slightly more conspicuous.

The spleen is enlarged, but unchanged. The adrenal glands pancreas and kidneys are normal. There is no hydronephrosis.

The gallbladder is distended.

Most of the lesions have calcified, that’s nice to see, though I would have liked to see them shrink more than they did. Nice shrinkage in segment 2, woo hoo!

Ugh, looks like I have to address the gallbladder now. Could be gallstones or perhaps a polyp blocking things.

No hiatal hernia. The stomach contains a small amount of fluid. The bowel is normal in caliber without focal wall thickening. The appendix and terminal ileum is normal. The previously noted short segment of focal wall thickening of the distal sigmoid colon is not as conspicuous. There is an unchanged calcified lymph node within the pericardial colonic fat (series
4, image 109).

Did not know about the calcified lymph node before.

There is no new pelvic adenopathy. As noted before there are tiny small subcentimeter lymph nodes (series 4, image 99). There is no retroperitoneal adenopathy.

The abdominal vasculature is patent with a normal sized infrarenal abdominal aorta.

The bladder is normal. The prostate is enlarged in the transverse dimension.

No aggressive bone lesions.

Prostate enlargement no likey. No aggressive bone lesions? I don’t want to hear about ANY bone lesions.


1. Interval decrease in size of multifocal hepatic metastasis.
2. Stable tiny retroperitoneal lymph nodes and a calcified lymph node adjacent to the sigmoid colon, attention on follow up.
3. The perviously seen focal sigmoid colonic wall thickening has resolved.
4. The previously noted right lung pulmonary embolus is not seen.

Overall I sense improvements, the impressions seem to be generally positive. Though I didn’t know about some of these other things, perhaps they were not discussed because they’re effects of the chemo and they don’t impact what I’m supposed to be doing? Hopefully I’ll get more answers and that they’re treatable when my surgeons go in for surgery.

How am I feeling: generally good, i’m a week in between the chemo sessions and last week’s was the last one with the entire bunch of chemo being thrown at me, so they will start taking some of this stuff off now. I have some peripheral neuropathy, my fingers and toes tingle a little all the time now. Some bleeding when I blow my nose but that’s been going on since December. Saturdays right after chemo seem to be my ‘crappy day’ now, I get fatigued and need to be a zombie sometimes. Other than that, I’m good. Looking forward to more explanations next week, will share what I find out.

I’m just happy that the pileup of chemo is over, and I can manage the last 2 sessions this month. 10 down, 2 to go!!

Thanks for the continued energy. Keep walking, it’s getting warmer out there!

11 thoughts on “CT Updates”

  1. Gibberish, indeed. We’re looking forward to hearing what your oncologist has to say, but glad it all seems pretty positive. 🙂

  2. I don’t speak Doctor either but I’m so glad to read that your lesions are smaller or calcifying. I’m hoping along with you, that this is all good news. And so, I will believe that, and will send my positive energy to you. I cannot wait to see you and Christine soon, so we can physically pass our loving energy to you. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Much love to you, Christine and the kids.

  3. Love the message… We all do like to complicate things now don’t we? We really are just what we are. 🙂 your results are so encouraging and sounds like lots of improvement. Can’t wait til the next update, I have a strong sense it will be a good one!

  4. Thanks for the interpretative interjections of some very solid thoughts from Mr Omega! You got this thing Eric, because you ARE who you are!! Love you!!

  5. Holy insides!
    I think I took away a similar feeling. My medical prowess is severely limited but it sounded like some things that were there are gone or smaller and others have resolved into nonliving calcium deposits. This all sounds positive to me! Seems like your decision to take on more chemo was positive! Your strength and positive approach is paying dividends. You are what you are! A great person whom I love.

  6. This is why it’s a marathon and not a sprint, I guess. Hope you are feeling okay day to day. What about your surgery?

  7. I still think the best medicine would be for you (and C. and the other E and C) to visit Sheridan so you can drink cheap warm beer in plastic cups whilst smelling horse poo and watching a bit of cowboy action!!! Love to you all, you soldiers you.

  8. Dear Son,
    I am so proud of you, as is everyone who’s life. You have touched.
    God is watching every thing. He is responding to all the prayers and lamenting.

    Bill. Mentioned he was going to see you, then sweep thru to visit us on his way home! I am concerned about his allergies vs my 5 cats, but he will see.
    I love you, Eric.

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