Happy freaking new year

I decided i’d at least try to finish off this year with my take on what i’ve learned in the hopes it benefits anyone reading this. For me, 2015 wasn’t bad for the first part and then, it was sort of stressful… but overall it wasn’t bad. the last 3 months taught me some serious lessons, stuff i would not have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. And when it comes to adversity, you want to take something away from it, right?

Things I’ve learned:

  1. Cancer is not as scary as I thought. It doesn’t hurt, at least mine doesn’t.
  2. Don’t read what the cancer prognosis numbers are online because they don’t apply to you.
  3. There’s a lot worse cancers than the one I happen to have.
  4. The force of visualization should be used for healing.
  5. The color of the ribbon for colon cancer is royal blue.
  6. chemo is wacky crazy stuff, messing with your skin, muscles and your stomach.
  7. Silver nitrate is something not to put in your nose. At any time of the day.
  8. Don’t let me be awake with any procedure that ends in ‘scopy’. I need to be asleep when you lube that tube.
  9. Chemo infusions cost a crazy ass-load of money each visit. like 5 figures crazy.
  10. Chemo side-effects accumulate if you don’t have enough positive energy to counteract it.
  11. Don’t get cancer unless you have a good healthcare plan.

Things I already knew but needed to be reminded of it:

  1. I’m a lot stronger than I thought.
  2. I have a lot of souls in my corner and they (you) are here with me, I’m happily not alone in this journey.

I hope you have a successful and fulfilling 2016, I am planning on it myself. By my birthday I expect to be cancer-free and getting my new tattoo (mockup below):


The IV is for the stage cancer I’m working with (4). Hopefully this clears up any questions about images I might have submitted recently.

Leaving plenty of room on either side of my arm for listing anything else that crops up. As you do when Murphy’s Law applies to you.

Bracing for the pain that won’t come, I remain your humble servant,

10 thoughts on “Happy freaking new year”

  1. You are truly inspiring to your family and friends Eric. Thank you for sharing this journey in such an open, honest, and revealing way to help us understand and positivity relate to you! 2016 is definitely going to be a ‘Happy New Year’!

  2. Eric….I can’t express how very proud I am of you, and how you have taken this on. Your physical, and mental strength is amazing. You will get this done, I have no doubts. You are making us stronger for you! Can I come and watch you get your tat? ?

  3. We just read your latest post “freaking happy new year” and
    loved the fact that you are so strong, funny, and so giving in your comments about what you are going through. Loved the “what you have learned about cancer” comments.

    Eric, we loved spending time with you and Christine, Erin and Charlie over the holidays. Keep up the positive thoughts and we know you will beat this thing called cancer.

    Love you.

  4. Eric, prayers and all the best for your next two appointments over the next few days… thinking about all of you!!

  5. So glad to here all the good stats! Keep up the good work and we’ll keep the good vibes rolling!

    Your #4 was so inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing!

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