Down and to the right

Because of the holidays I moved my chemo schedule up one day, in case my white blood cell count was still low and I needed to come in 48 hrs later for a Neulasta injection, which would have left me having to go elsewhere for that shot (the cancer center is closed on holidays). And then I learned while my port was accessed this morning that the shot around which I was moving my schedule, is now held for 3 days before I can have it. Something about Medicare restrictions, i wasn’t listening by that point — I was thinking Great, just great.

But then I got my blood labs back and discovered my WBC count is back to normal, over TWICE the amount it was 2 weeks ago. So that’s a moot point now because I’m a bad-ass after 3 months of chemo. I mean, come on, have you met my extended support network? That’s why.

As a matter of fact, most of my numbers are moving in the right directions: low values are coming back to normal, high ones coming down. Especially my tumor marker (CEA): it was at 5.9, 2 weeks ago, now it’s at 4.6 (normal reference range is below 2.5).  Not too shabby considering I started off at an even 20, 3 months ago.

I’d make a PowerPoint graph but I’m too lazy (and I hate PowerPoint). Just imagine a graph with 20 on the left and the number going down and to the right.

That’s a major source of joy and hope this holiday season for me and is a direct result of the continued broadcast of healing energy I receive from all of you, every waking moment. I started off strong, and I’m finishing this set of infusions even stronger.

So the current schedule is this:

  • 30 December : one more CAT scan to show final progress
  • 7 January : Appointments with oncologist, liver surgeon
  • 11 January : Appointment with colon surgeon

after these appointments they’ll decide whether I’m a candidate for surgery (cross fingers!) or whether I need more chemo (booo!), and hopefully I can get a date set for the future.

As a bonus, I had my wonderful mother-in law visit me during my infusion today. I dare you to find a more loving, thoughtful, good-natured mom – with poise for days – anywhere. Actually if you’re as blessed as Christine and her siblings are, you already found one years ago. Thank you, Cassie, for your company; I got a Christmas present early.

No silly videos this time! get your presents wrapped and then go out for a walk! Happy Holidays y’all!

11 thoughts on “Down and to the right”

  1. This update made me so happy. I want to go draw those charts! (But I too, dislike PowerPoint.) I love you, your strength and your attitude. I agree that this news is perfect right before Christmas. ❤️ — feeling blessed.

    Thank you, Mom, for going to spend time with Eric today. I know it meant a lot to Eric to have you there. And to me too XOX

  2. Excellent news, Eric! It really is quite amazing what medical science, healing energy and a positive attitude combined can do to help the body to recover. Have a wondeful Christmas with your family. We will be thinking of you and yours.

  3. Wonderful news Eric!! My prayers have been answered. Such a blessing to you and your family at Christmas!! I share your love and appreciation of Cassie – I am honored to have her as a dear friend. As you say, you are a BA fighting the big C!!

    1. Joanne, you are such a sweet and dear friend. I’m so glad you are such good friends with my parents – they treasure your friendship too. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and appreciate your kind words, love and support always!

  4. Love reading posts like this. Definitely seems fitting before Christmas. In my head I have this constant voice saying “Eric’s sooo got this!!” You’re kicking it hard. It stands no chance! Keep at it!! xoxox Marci. Ps. Couldn’t agree more re Cassie!!!

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