The Prophet is on the Air

DETAILS FROM LAST ROUND: White blood cell counts are back up, no Neulasta shot for me this time. Generally my numbers are either holding steady or increasing, with the exception of my CEA, which is still trending downward, almost 7 from 9.4 two weeks ago.

Had my best post-infusion weekend ever – apart from the usual cold sensitivity, there’s been no other issues like cramping etc. I attribute this to the incredible healing energy provided by the usual suspects (Blake family at Thanksgiving) combined with college friends who visited Raleigh, some of whom I haven’t seen in over 20 years. I figured I’d be feeling worse and worse after multiple rounds of chemo, but the 5th Floor Shanks Hall Crew has dispelled that notion. Thank you brothers and sisters for your timely visit. Safe travels, and we’ll see you next time. Go Hokies!

There was a cat in Nashville during the 70s who called himself the Prophet Omega and held radio programs out of his apartment; his programs were taped and distributed among touring musicians where he gained a cult following. Normally I’m not a religious guy but the old-school kitschiness and sponsored ads combined with his overall message (I am what I am) closely aligns with my belief system… probably Popeye’s as well. I’m both inspired and entertained by his programs, I wish he was still around today – perfect excuse to visit Nashville IMO.

Please to enjoy what I’m listening to this week, as I gain even more strength and prepare for upcoming CT scans to see my journey’s progress (scheduled for 12/8), after which time we’ll start thinking about scheduling surgery. Woot!

8 thoughts on “The Prophet is on the Air”

  1. That’s the power of LOVE, and FRIENDS & FAMILY! Being with you this whole long and busy weekend, I could personally see the energy from those around you making you stronger. You continue to amaze me and I’m so happy to be by your side. I love you!

  2. I don’t have anything original to add here. I just wanted to agree with every thing and to say that as we get older our friendships continue to deepen and develop. It almost felt like college again.

  3. I don’t have anything original to add here either just that we are glad all is going so well. Good enerby nad Prayers all the time.

  4. Thanks for sharing , Eric. That home based evangelist had a lot of good thoughts to live by, and he was so folksy and easy to listen to. I especially like his, “I am what I am, and that’s all I am is what I am”. I just bet he helped quite a few musicians and performers , and others stay grounded. Keep up your good progress and great mindset! Love U

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