I had the opportunity to talk about what i’m thankful for this Thanksgiving during dinner with my in-laws, but declined to speak my mind. I wanted to wait till now as I’m in an isolated area, a safe distance from others, so there’s no exposure to hazardous fluids from the chemo drugs via my tears and overall blubbering (i have to flush twice for a few days after infusion when using the restroom, and i’ll kill the grass if i pee in the yard. good thing I’m housebroken).

Right now, after 4 chemo sessions, I still feel quite normal and that’s not an achievement for me… I truly believe this is an effect of the massive amount of positive energy, well wishes, thoughts, and prayers from all of you who have heard of my illness and have responded directly to me. To have your support at the most difficult part of my life is something that is blessed upon someone, it’s not anything i can say i’ve cultivated or worked towards. I am thankful for my health because of you. To each one of you, I mean it: Thank you for this.

I happen to have an incredibly strong and loving wife who has a solid foundation of support from friends and family that helps me because it helps her. Because of the support given to her, she can support me as I need it, and I can’t comprehend what my predicament would be without her constant love. To Chad and Cassie, to Chana, Cheryl, Kevin, Matt, Brad, and Angie: thank you for your love and support of my wife and myself.

Without my own family – my mother, my father, my step-mother, my aunts and my siblings and cousins – to have that core of strength, to know where you come from and where my own convictions and fierce fighting spirit originates, this makes me proud to be a Schuttler, and a Benson, a Tucker, a Harris, and a Walker. I am from all of these clans and proud to be born of these people. Say what you want, Midwesterners are tough to beat.

I love you and am thankful you are here with me. We’re beating this crap, have no doubt in your mind about it.

7 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. GO ERIC!!!!!!!!
    Something I’m learning in TaiChi is this:
    This body is mine- it is not me.
    You’ve got this- and we’re all behind you with love and prayers. The 2 most powerful forces known to man. The force IS with you. You probably don’t remember, but you told me that years ago at mine and Christine’s 10th HS reunion. It stuck in my brain. Now it is with you.
    Give that wonderful girl of yours a big hug from me- and tell her to give you one too.

  2. I am so proud of you and your strength Eric. You are an inspiration to all. You have a robust soul! Happy Thanksgiving to all of your beloved clans.

  3. Always love reading your posts Eric, but that one most especially. I’ve always noticed how blessed your family is to have each other, what an amazing support group full of love. Happy late Thanksgiving! Oh I’m not late, everyday should really be Thanksgiving, right? đŸ™‚

  4. Eric……A little late in reading your last post. We are always amazed at your words as to your feelings and kick ass humor, and your awesome music. We admire you so much.
    We hope to get to see you in a few weeks.

    We love you…..Millie and Bob

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