I Hate Tuesdays

The view behind my desk

But this Tuesday is a good day for Young Eric: the effects of chemo have started to linger this past round, and this is the first day since last Wednesday that I’m feeling 100%. The cold sensitivity has been hanging around but is pretty much gone now.

Plus, you know sometimes when you get a sandwich and fries for lunch at a food truck and you want to take it to go and you have to estimate on the fly how much ketchup to put on your fries and it’s always either too much or (usually) too little? Today i had the perfect amount of ketchup to enjoy my fries. On a Tuesday? That’s unheard of in my world. Maybe I need to re-think this whole “Tuesday sucks” thing.

Please to enjoy a song from Joao Gilberto below on this wonderful Tuesday. It’s tasty when Stan Getz comes in with his sax solo.

8 thoughts on “I Hate Tuesdays”

  1. Love the open, airy area that appears to surround you in your new digs!! You must love it, too! So much better than solid walls. So, Tuesday can’t be too bad now! Thanks for a peek at your day! Oh, where are your curls? New cut looks good on ya’….Love the music……the!

  2. So glad Tuesday was the “perfect amount of ketchup” kind of a day! Creative analogy. God bless you Eric – I am cheering for you always.

  3. I would say that if you got the perfect amount of catchup on your fries Tuesday it is a harbinger of good things every day of the week! Like your NEW view!

  4. Lookin’ good! Christine, please save some time to cut John and Connor’s hair when we are in town. We tip well…

    Super glad to hear you are feeling 100%!

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