20 thoughts on “Video Update #2”

  1. You say “go walk, it’s good for you.” and I always say to people who say they don’t enjoy exercise, “It’s good for you. Do you ENJOY brushing your teeth?” Good to see you’re keeping it real. 😉

  2. I think Charlie makes a great anchorman! I was so happy to see you wanted to include the kids (and a little of me, I need to work on my cues). This is so difficult to understand and process but by keeping it real, we can hopefully all understand it a little better. Knowledge is power. And the support of our friends and family through this journey has already been so wonderful and is helping give strength to our family.

  3. Nice tie Charlie!!
    Nice cat Eric
    and … nice er, hand, Christine!!

    2 weeks until Friendsgiving (there keeping it clean for the blog community)

  4. Hi guys!! Thanks for posting the awesome video- it’s do great to see you all!! Charlie is hilarious– and loved the sense of humor y’all have. I bet ithelps keep you sane !!! As always… Sending our love and will be praying.

  5. I love what you are doing with your blog. They say keeping a journal of one type or another can help with your mood. This is fabulous! Keep it up you are looking good.

  6. Great update! Love the character strength and humor you are incorporating in the videos. The tribute to veterans in your life is a very nice touch. Charlie’s newscast was awesome but needs to work on the tie a little! Keep on with the positive outlook. Love you.

  7. Wow!! Eric, you are amazing!! Love your attitude, and what you do with it!! Think that “Charlie” guy in your video, has a possible future in broadcasting! Not sure yet, about the Beer Girl, but you should keep her anyway! (what little we saw of her, she looked sweet) Thanks for sharing your personal info, that answers a lot of questions out here. Well done, half way there with treatments! Keep strong, stay confident…….both good for you! You are easy to love………..

  8. Thanks for the update, really enjoy the videos and your music! The additional cast members were pretty good too 🙂 Keep hanging tough!

  9. Such a creative video – well done! Love that you included the family – Charlie was awesome! Thanks for keeping us informed in a meaningful way. Appreciated salute to Vetrans Day. Keep up your strong positive attitude.

  10. Charlie! Congratualtions on your promotion to lead anchor! Ron Burgandy’s got nothin on you kid!

    Love to see you having fun with this video update. Your wit and sense of humor remain high! Love you guys!

    Deanna 😉

  11. Really enjoyed this video update. I found it hillerious since I am experiencing the exact same side affects. Tight lips only day of injection, cramping muscles 4 days, cold needles & pins. ~2weeks. Charlie was great. I’d keep him. Cold beer looks so good. Restaurants have a hard time delivering room temperature water. Great being able to share. God bless.

  12. You look GREAT and so glad to hear you feel good! I hope and pray that I can write that every single time and just cut/paste. 🙂 thinking about you guys!

  13. Hi Kids – Thank you for the video updates. Yes, it helps a lot to actually see you not just see pics. Charlie I think you got a regular gig going with the news anchor 🙂

  14. I loved the video!! Charlies update with the white shirt and tie, with Tshirt underneath. He is great supporting his dad and i am proud of him.
    Eric, you have always been a class act. i have always been proud of you and glad to see you still have Grandma Tweet Tweets sense of humor. it will see you thru this episode in your life.
    sending you more shoes, for your walks. Mum

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