Keep your friends close but your enemas closer

Been getting many inquiries about how I’m doing so I figure it’s a great time for an update.


Went in to visit my colon surgeon first thing Monday to discover he wanted to do another scope so he can determine exactly where the tumor is within my colon, as well as take a larger chunk of it to test and see if perhaps I might be a candidate for another flavor of chemo that would be more effective on this colon thing.

I’ve been having some, ah, discomfort in that area for a while now and asked if we could perhaps do this another way? Luckily my doctor doesn’t want to hurt me, so today I went in for the scope under sedation. For breakfast, it’s just two delicious enemas and then dope and scope, baby. Go ahead, take your measurements, grab a sample, and wake me up when you’re done.

flamingoesLast night we got ‘flocked’ by a bunch of zombie flamingoes, courtesy of come crazy college friends of mine. They look great in the yard, I’m afraid of some kid absconding with one of them, as these are definitely the coolest plastic birds I’ve ever seen. My friends also put up some headstones and spiderweb too – hey, BA and Mel, do you do festive holiday decorations as well?

Whew. I’m glad I got that procedure behind me.  [snicker]

9 thoughts on “Keep your friends close but your enemas closer”

  1. I never expected to read a blog entry that discussed both zombie flamingoes and enemas, but I’m always glad to see a fun update. Thumbs up right back ‘atcha. 🙂

  2. I too was looking for an update! 🙂 Had no idea they had Halloween versions of the flock, how cool. Thinking about all the Schuttlers!

  3. Hi there! Just checking in to see what’s going on… love your ‘dope and scope’ reference 🙂 🙂

    As always, we are thinking about you and saying tons of prayers!

    xoxo–Heather , Ran & Gabby

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