First session of chemo complete… sorta


Had my first round of chemo this morning, took 6 hrs from check-in to check-out. Lots of info flying around and machines beeping. The nurse hit me up with a half-dose of Benadryl to start things off which made me pleasantly fuzzy-headed but nowhere near the tripped-out state I was yesterday when they put the chemo port in my chest (that was fun…. didn’t feel a thing).

Anyhow, they’ve sent me home with homework in the form of a small pressure pump filled with another chemo cocktail that is supposed to stay hooked up to my port until about noon Friday, when a nurse will come out and end the final part of this first salvo. Sleeping oughta be fun tonight!

After we received the reality of my situation, Christine would often ask how I felt and I would have to remind her that I was still the same doofus as before we got the bad news. Not the case now: I’m changing because of the chemo’s effects and it’s one that i’m owning. I may not have caused this cancer, but I’m sure going to end it…. with your help, of course. I’m on the warpath and am flying to each cancerous cell on the wings of your support and prayer. Together we’ll end this and it started today.

15 thoughts on “First session of chemo complete… sorta”

  1. Prayers for you have had me so pumped with energy today that it has been difficult to contain; I could hardly sit still at work. Sending you focused energy toward killing cancer cells. Love the previous video!

  2. We are all pulling for you!!! Visiting nurses are a great help so use them when you need them! Thinking of you!! We all love you!

  3. You better bet your arse we are praying! Every darn day. I know you’ll beat it- just hope it doesn’t suck too bad in the process!! Hugs– Heather

  4. been thinking about you all day and glad you are getting the show on the road. Sooner ya start – sooner it’s done! And you will have the strength of knowing you beat the snot out of it!! I can’t wait!!

  5. Hi Eric
    Dede updated us on everything that is going on and also sent us your blog. I want you to know that we are praying every day for you and your family. Please let us know if there’s anything we can help with. Keep in good spirits I know God is listening.
    Jeremiah 30:17

  6. Eric I am so glad you have this blog! Just visited last night for the first time and got caught up. 🙂 Thinking about you and Christine and the whole family, I’m on the prayer team!

  7. Team Franzen is with you buddy! If anyone can wage war it’s you and the amazing family that stands alongside and behind you. Praying for you every, single, day! Much love to you and the family.

  8. woke up wondering how you were feeling after your first treatment. Hope it is almost like a normal day and you can work and play just like any normal day.

  9. Yes! First steps done! You are that much closer to being done with treatment!! Keep the faith and we love your visualization! Keep that up. You are an inspiration, my friend. And, come to us if you ever need a boost… We are your army. You can do it! Xoxox

  10. Sweetheart,
    I get some relief hearing your words. It’s so like you to think of us, building a blog. Jim and I are grief stricken that this happened to you. But you will carry on and kick this thing in the &$@$&@ . You are in my thoughts waking/sleeping.
    We must build more rooms in our memory when this is all done.

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